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Vol 16 2022
Vol 15 2021
Vol 14 2020
Vol 13 2019
Vol 12 2018
Vol 11 2017
Vol 10 2016
Vol 9 2015
Vol 8 2014
Vol 7 2013
Vol 6 2012
Vol 5 2011
Vol 4 2010
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Vol 2 2008
Vol 1 2007
Effect of Guided Inquiry Based Instructional Model of Science Process Skills of Pre-Service Biology Teachers in Learning Invertebrate Zoology
Pages 165-189 
Ageze Abza, Sutuma Edessa, Habtamu Wodaj (Ethiopia)
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Chemistry Anxiety of Senior University Students in Ethiopia: The Case of Five Universities
Pages 166-186 
Woldie Belachew, Chala Regassa, Birhanu Eribo (Ethiopia)
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Status of Human Resources: Implications for the Implementation of Upper Basic of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme in Bayelsa State of Nigeria
Pages 169-184 
I.B. Ado, A.O. Akinbobola, G.B. Inyang
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What Is Higher Education For: A Review with Recommendations [In Bulgarian]
Pages 169-229 
B.V. Toshev
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 14, Number 2, 2020
Pages 169-172 
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Rerflections on the Growth and Development of University Education in Nigeria
Pages 170-193 
J.O. Oni
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Creating (In) Capacity: Teachers in Globalized Education Policies
Pages 171-187 
A. Vongalis-Macrow
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Effective Communication: Any Role in Classroom Teaching – Learning Process in Nigerian Schools?
Pages 171-187 
C.O. Fashiku
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Why Is Needed the Radical Change of the Newly Legislation of Development of the Bulgarian Academic Staff [In Bulgarian]
Pages 172-187 
I. Drenovski
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Tertiary Education in Sri Lanka: Issues and Challenges
Pages 173-190 
N. Tharmaseelan
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An Examination of Democratic Attitudes of Primary School Teachers
Pages 173-194 
S. Gulec, E.G. Balcik
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Personalities in Science and Education
Doc. Dr. Lilyana Boyanova: A Bibliography [In Bulgarian]
Pages 173-204 
B.V. Toshev
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Barriers to Using Computers in Education
Pages 173-190 
O. Iskrenovic-Momchilovic (Serbia)
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On Examination Malpractice in Nigeria Universities: Factor Analysis Determination
Pages 174-190 
A.A. Akinrefon, O.C. Ikpah, A.O. Bamigbala, O.I. Adeniyi
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The Environmental Concern of Nine-Grade Students from a Secondary Professional School
Pages 178-218 
Z. Kostova, E. Vladimirova, B. Radoynovska
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A Confirmatory Factor Analysis on the Attitude Scale of Constructivist Approach for Science Teachers
Pages 185-201 
E. Evrekli, D. Inel, A. Gunay Balim, T. Kesercioglu
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Determination of the Equivalence of WAEC and NECO SSCE Chemistry Items Using Linear Equating Approaches of Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory
Pages 187-207 
Babatimehin Temitope (Nigeria)
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Modeling of Science Development (Ivancheva, 2015) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 188-192 
B.V. Toshev
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Examiners' Attitude Towards Kmowledge of Malpracrice Indicators: Construction and Validation of a Measurement Instrument
Pages 188-203 
M.A. Ayanwale, F.R. Abayomi
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Needs Assessment Study in Science Education: Sample of Turkey
Pages 189-207 
Z. Ozdilek, M. Ozkan
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