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Vol 14 2020
Vol 14 2020,issue 1
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 14, Number 1, 2020
Pages 1-4 
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Federal Character Principle and National Unity Among Higher Education Institutions Staff in Nigeria: Perceptions and Threats
Pages 5-25 
Shodunke B. Abayomi, Subair S.'Tayo (Nigeria)
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Reimagining the Bulgarian State Maturity Exam: Lessons from the U.S. College Admission Test (ACT)
Pages 26-40 
K. Kolev (USA)
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Statistical Analysis of Examination Malpractice Concepts in Nigaria
Pages 41-53 
Taiwo Abass I., Folorunso Sakinat O., Gbadamosi Solafunmi C. (Nigeria)
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Aquisition of Skills in Science, Technical and Vocational Education (STVE) for a Knowledge - Based Economy in Nigeria: Status, Constrants and the Way Forward
Pages 54-70 
M.C. Anaekwe (Nigeria)
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Enhancing Students' Achievement in Biology Through 7E Instructional Model with Metacognitive Scaffilding
Pages 71-100 
H. Wodaj, S. Belay (Ethiopia)
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Classroom Interaction in Physics Teaching and Learning That Impede Implementation of Dialogic Teaching: An Analysis of Student-Student Interaction
Pages 101-127 
H. Worku, Mekbib Alemu (Ethiopia)
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Strong True Test Score Theory Analysis of Item Location and Slope Indices of Oyo State Junior Secondary School Certificate Mathematics Test Items
Pages 128-140 
Asowo Ayobode Patricia (Nigeria)
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Risks in Academic Publishing and Problems of Scientific Communication - Surwey Results [In Bulgarian]
Pages 141-168 
S. Kirilova, E. Boiadjieva (Bulgaria)
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