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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 10, Number 1, 2016
Pages 1-4 
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Effectiveness of Computer Animation Instructional Package on Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Agricultural Science Students in Animal Physiology in Minna, Nigeria
Pages 5-18 
O.C. Falode, M.F. Sobowale, R.M. Saliu, H. Usman, M.E. Falode
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Mentoring and Succession of Administrators: Critical Issues in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria
Pages 19-38 
S.A. Oladipo, A.B. Adebakin, O.F. Iranloye
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Professional Development: A Veritable Tool for Improving Teachers' Productivity in North Central Zone Public Junior Secondary Schools, Nigeria
Pages 39-52 
A.A. Yusuf, C.O. Fashiku
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Insurgency and Insecurity: Bane of Global Literacy Development
Pages 53-68 
T.A. Adebisi
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Neoliberalism and Education in an International Perspective: Chile as Perfect Scenario
Pages 69-89 
F. Aravena, M. Quiroga
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Problems of Children with Special Needs (CWSNs) in Assessing the Education: Role of Barrier Free Environment - A Case Study of India
Pages 90-105 
D. Uma Devi, P.A. Reddy
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Teachers' Job Dislike Areas: Implications for Operational Modifications
Pages 106-123 
S. Tayo Subair
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Reexamining Education Research Methodologies - Collaborative Rather Than Competative
Pages 124-141 
Yu Sing Ong
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Improving Secondary School Geography Students' Positive Attitude Towards Map Reading Through Computer Simulation Instructional Package in Bida, Niger State, Nigeria
Pages 142-155 
O.C. Falode, H. Usman, S.C. Ilobeneke, H.A. Mohammed, A.J. Godwin, M.A. Jimoh
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Games, Game Flow, and Gender as They Affect Mathematics Achievement of Pupils in Nigeria
Pages 156-173 
A. Aremu, A. Adebagbo
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On Examination Malpractice in Nigeria Universities: Factor Analysis Determination
Pages 174-190 
A.A. Akinrefon, O.C. Ikpah, A.O. Bamigbala, O.I. Adeniyi
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The Phases of Soviet Pedagogy (1931) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 191-206 
S. Hessen
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editorial rules
Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP): Editorial Rules
Pages 207-208 
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 10, Number 2, 2016
Pages 209-212 
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Bulgarian Scientific Periodicals: Actual Problems [In Bulgarian]
Pages 213-233 
B. V. Toshev
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Teachers'Skills in Identification and Management of Students'Talents in Ondo State Secondary Schools
Pages 234-249 
M. A. Yusuf, C. O. Agbara
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The Development of Pedagogical Intership: Mentor and Student Activity and Experience Aspects
Pages 250-272 
V. Lamanauskas, R.Makarskaite-Petkeviciene, V. Lukaviciene
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Investigating the Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction of Junior Secondary School Students'Retention in Basic Technology in Nigeria
Pages 273-296 
V. N. Anunobi, A. I. Gambari, M. B. Abdullahi, T. O. Alabi
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The Role of Expert Assessment in Early Identification of Above Avarage Abilities of Gifted Students
Pages 297-313 
S. Milic, V. Simeinovic
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