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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 13, Number 1, 2019
Pages 1-4 
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Influence of Blended Learning on Outcomes of Students in a Rural Chemistry Class
Pages 5-17 
S. Mandina
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Estimation of Population Proportion of Stigmatized Attribute Using Bayesian Approach
Pages 18-33 
A. O. Adepetun, A. A. Adewara
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Fostering Google Apps for Education (GAfE): The Conceptual Framework
Pages 34-49 
M. O. Odewumi, M. A. Ahmed
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Higher Education Instructors Perception and Practice of Active Learning and Continuous Assessment Techniques: The Case of Jimma University
Pages 50-70 
W. M. Tarekegne
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Using Motivation in the Instruction of English Language Learning for STEM and Economic Secondary Education for Bulgarian Learners
Pages 71-79 
J. E. Hollenbeck
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Funding University Education in Nigeria: The Challenges and Way Forward
Pages 80-91 
O. O. Gambo, S. A. Fasanmi
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Role of Facebook Use and Addiction on Academic Achievement: A Pilot Study on Undergraduate Students
Pages 92-108 
N. Sharmin, O. Ahmed, Z. Sharmin
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Development of Pedagogical Education in Theological Seminaries in the Russian Empire in 1866 - 1884 (On the Materials of the Ukrainian Gubernias)
Pages 109-129 
T. Tverdokhlib
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy, Volume 13, Number 2, 2019
Pages 131-134 
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The Psychometric Properties of the Academic Self-Esteem Scale - Bangla
Pages 135-147 
L. Naher, M.A. Asma, O. Ahmed
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Extent of Utilization of Social Networking Sites for Enhancing Academic Learning of Undergraduate Students in the South - South Nigerian Federal Universities
Pages 148-171 
Johnbosco O.C. Okekeokosisi, Mary Noeleen Obi
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Why Is Needed the Radical Change of the Newly Legislation of Development of the Bulgarian Academic Staff [In Bulgarian]
Pages 172-187 
I. Drenovski
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Examiners' Attitude Towards Kmowledge of Malpracrice Indicators: Construction and Validation of a Measurement Instrument
Pages 188-203 
M.A. Ayanwale, F.R. Abayomi
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Pre-Service Physics Teachers' Physics Understanding and Upper Primary Teacher Education in Ethiopia
Pages 204-224 
M. Alemu, M. Tadesse, K. Michael, M. Atnafu
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Value-Based Education: Research Results
Pages 225-248 
V. Panev, A. Barakoska
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Myths, Legends and Truths of E-Texts in Education
Pages 249-262 
J. E. Hollenbeck
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Emotional Abilities of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Academic Performance: Examining Their Relationship Using Nigeria University Undergraduate Chemistry Students
Pages 263-286 
E.N. Okwuduba, O.E. Chinelo, S.N. Naomi
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