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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 11, Number 1, 2017
Pages 1-4 
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An Exploratory Study of Number of Children Desired and What Accomplished in Family Settings
Pages 5-27 
A.O. Adejumo, S.A. Taiwo, O. Job, O.L. Adeniyi.P.E. Oguntunde, O.A. Odetunmibi, A.A.Akinrefon
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Planning and Policy Implications for Renewal and Paradigm Shift in the Curriculum Contents of Vocational and Technology Education Programmes in Nigeria
Pages 28-50 
T.L. Adepoju
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Gender and Community Influence as Determinants of Children Access to Basic Education in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Pages 51-66 
V.A. Oguntimehin, F.N. Audu
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The School System and New Media – Reasons in Favour of Integration
Pages 67-82 
M. Marković, V. Spasenović, Z. Stanisavljević Petrović
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Effect of Personalisation of Instruction on Students‘ Anxiety in Mathematical Word Problems in Nigeria
Pages 83-120 
A.O.A. Awofala
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Social Networks Used by Teens and Parental Control of Their Online Communication
Pages 121-131 
M. Shehu, Y. Zhurda
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Effects of Instructional Screencast on the Performance of National Open University Undergraduates in Educational Technology in Kwara State, Nigeria
Pages 132-159 
A.I. Gambari, S.A. Hassan
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On Legitimation of the Scientific Jury [In Bulgarian]
Pages 160-170 
T. Peev
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Effective Communication: Any Role in Classroom Teaching – Learning Process in Nigerian Schools?
Pages 171-187 
C.O. Fashiku
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Modeling of Science Development (Ivancheva, 2015) [In Bulgarian]
Pages 188-192 
B.V. Toshev
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 11, Number 2, 2017
Pages 193-196 
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An Investigation of Invariance Properties of One, Two and Three Parameter Logistic Item Response Theory Models
Pages 197-219 
O.A. Awopeju, E.R.I. Afolabi, O.A. Opesemowo
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Potential and Limitations of the Internet Use in Learning Process
Pages 220-232 
D. Pavlovic, Z.S. Petrovic
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Teachers and Social Learning as a Factor of Modern Educational Competences
Pages 233-245 
M. Maric, M. Sakac, V. Lipovac, S. Nikolic, J. Raicevic, M. Sarcevic
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Impacts of Pre-Retirement Guidance and Family Involvement on Retirement Adjustment of Retirees in Nigeria
Pages 246-266 
O.O. Olatomide
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Effect of Computer-Based Blended Learning Strategy on Secondary School Chemistry Students’ Retention in Individualised and Collaborative Learning Settings in Minna, Nigeria
Pages 267-278 
M.S. Suleiman, B.M. Salaudeen, O.C. Falode
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An Assessment of Teacher Retention on Job Security in Private Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria
Pages 279-293 
M.F. Faremi
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An Appraisal of Financial Authority Transfers’ Prior-Knowledge in Adult Learning Assessment
Pages 294-319 
A. Ettien, A. N’Guessan, B. N’Guetta
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An X-Ray of Moral, Process and Supervisory Accountability in Nigerian Higher Education System
Pages 320-337 
S. ‘Tayo Subair
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