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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 8, Number 1, 2014
Pages 1-4 
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Investigating Senior Secondary School Students' Beliefs about Further Mathematics in a Problem-Based Learning Context
Pages 5-46 
A.O. Fatade, A.A. Arigbabu, D. Mogari, A.O.A. Awofala
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Parental Socio-Economic Status, Family Structure and Living Environment as Predictors of Violence against Children in Lagos, Nigeria
Pages 47-61 
A.A. Oni, J.A. Adetoro
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The Influence of John Dewey's Educational Thought on Philippine Education
Pages 62-69 
E. Papong
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The Negative Influence of the Technical Means on Children's Development
Pages 70-85 
S. Luparenko
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Technologies in Education and the Dehumanization and Imperialization of Pedagogy: The African Perspective
Pages 86-105 
B.U. Nneji
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Nigerian Pre-service Science Teachers' Self-Perceptions of Acquired Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills after Teaching Practice Exposure
Pages 106-128 
A.E. Okanlawon
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Conception of the Transition to Adulthood: Ukrainian Case
Pages 129-145 
Z. Ganeva, V. Pavlenko
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History and Pre-History of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Pages 146-164 
D. Platikanov
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My Contribution to BulgarianScienceProblems in 2013 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 165-191 
B.V. Toshev
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Some Reasons for the Lack of Success When Learning Mathematics in Technical Universities and Recommendations for Their Overcoming [In Bulgarian]
Pages 192-215 
K. Dishlieva
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Fundamental and Applied Science in the Contemporary Knowledge Society [In Bulgarian]
Pages 216-237 
L. Ivancheva
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Short Notices
League of Friends of the Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP)
Pages 238-238 
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editorial rules
Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy: Editorial Rules
Pages 239-240 
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 8, Number 2, 2014
Pages 241-244 
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State and Perspectives of Research in Bulgaria: Problems and Weacknesses in Science Policy [In Bulgarian]
Pages 245-258 
B.V. Toshev
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The Successful Scientific Periodicals: Contemporary Issues
Pages 259-271 
B.V. Toshev
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A Comparative Study of Israeli and United States of America Teacher Trainers on Sockett's Four Models of Teacher Education
Pages 272-294 
J.E. Hollenbeck, H. Ezer, M. Mevorach
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Transparency vs. Corruption: The Case of Republic of Macedonia
Pages 295-310 
S. Dzamtovska-Zdravkovska, J. Denkova, A. Majhosev
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Use of Stewart Control Chart Technique in Monitoring Student Performance
Pages 311-324 
A.A. Akinrefon, O.S. Balogun
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