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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 16. Number 1, 2016
Pages 1-4 
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Effects of Short-Term STEM Intervention pn Students' Attitudes towards STEM
Pages 5-29 
Amra Durakovic, Dina Kamber Hamzic (Bosna and Herzegovina)
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Continuous Assessment Practice towards Students'Mathematics Prodiciency: THe Case of First-Cycle Primary Schools in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Pages 30-60 
Fasil Girmay, Mulugeta Woldemichael (Ethiopia)
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Management Strategies and Policy Initiatives for Bridging Gender Gap in Science and Technology Education on Nigerian Higher Institutions of Learning
Pages 61-92 
T. L. Adepoju (Nigeria)
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Bridging the Gap amongst Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learners in Biology through the Use of Dick and Carey Ibstructional Model
Pages 93-112 
Adedoyin Adewale Adebanjo (Nigeria)
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Levels of Satisfavtion in Vocational and General Secondary School Students with Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study from Noth Macedonia
Pages 113-127 
Driton Maljichi (North Macedonia), Arwid Hall (Kosovo)
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Teachers' Beliefs on Factors Affecting the Failure of Roma Childrev
Pages 128-150 
Dragana Pavlovic, Marija Markovic, Tijana Krstic (Serbia)
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Influence of Social Self-Concept on Academic Achievement of Secondary SchoolStudents in Imo State, Nigeria
Pages 151-164 
Deborah Chidubem Adamu (Nigeria)
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Effect of Guided Inquiry Based Instructional Model of Science Process Skills of Pre-Service Biology Teachers in Learning Invertebrate Zoology
Pages 165-189 
Ageze Abza, Sutuma Edessa, Habtamu Wodaj (Ethiopia)
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Effect of Computer Graphics Instrucional Mode on Secondary School Stidents' Achievement in Civic Education
Pages 190-209 
Olori Abiola Lateef, Ogunsanya Adeola Oladele (Nigeria)
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"Learnig before Education"- Teaching Skills for Life: Past and Present Practice
Pages 210-230 
Milica Mitrovic, Veselin Mitrovic (Serbia)
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Pegagogical Poem (Makarenko, 1949) (In Bulgarian)
Pages 231-240 
B. V. Toshev
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