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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 12, Number 1, 2018
Pages 1-4 
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Model for the Management of State Higher Education Institutions [In Bulgarian]
Pages 5-14 
B. V. Toshev
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Breaking the Barriers: Teacher Leadership in the Hearth of Educational Reform in the Philippines
Pages 15-30 
P.J.E. Alegado
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Flipped Classroom in the Context of Junior Secondary School Creative Tie and Dye in Abeokuta Metropolis, Nigeria
Pages 31-47 
M.O. Odewumi, M.O. Yusuf
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The Influence of Gender on Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
Pages 48-62 
E.O. Ogedengbe, T.O. Adelekun, T.T. Eyengho, S.M. Ogunleye, K.M. Bankole
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The Effective Implementation of the Policy of Automatic Class Promotion in Caneroon Public Primary Schools: The Case of North West and South West Regions
Pages 63-100 
M.C. Tani
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Mathematics Teachers' Responses and Perceptions in Paper Folding Activities in Teaching Mathematics
Pages 101-122 
M. Atnafu
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Assessment of Influence of Quality Assurance Indeces on Secondary School Teachers' Job Performance
Pages 123-139 
Y.A. Oguntimehin, O.A. Kuewumi, M. Adeyemi
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Locus of Control and Time and Study Management as Predictors of Academic Achievement
Pages 140-152 
O. Ahmed
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Promoting Effective Teaching and Learning in Online Environment: A Blend of Pedagogical and Andragogical Models
Pages 153-172 
T.A. Adebisi, O. Oyeleke
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Personalities in Science and Education
Doc. Dr. Lilyana Boyanova: A Bibliography [In Bulgarian]
Pages 173-204 
B.V. Toshev
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editorial rules
Guide for Authors
Pages 205-208 
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 12, Number 2, 2018
Pages 209-212 
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Becoming a Scientist: Views of Few Scientists
Pages 213-251 
M. Karakas
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Application of Bayes Factor for One Way Analysis of Variance Using Random Effect Models
Pages 252-267 
O. D. Egburonu, A. O. Abidoye
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Moving Against the Tide of Exclisivity: Identity Narrative Study of of a Graduate with Visual Impairment
Pages 268-288 
K. C. Nwosu, C. N. Ementa
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Challenges for the Development of Education in Rural Area of Myanmar
Pages 289-302 
Hnin Yu Soe
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Validation of Strategies for Effective Vocational School Public Relations
Pages 303-313 
M.A. Auta, O.B.I.M. Noleen
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MATLAB Supported Learning and Students' Conceptual Understanding of Functions of Two Variables: Experiences from Wolkite University
Pages 314-344 
E. Gemechu, M. Kassa, M. Afnatu
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Facebook Use, Facebook Addiction, and Mental Health of Chittagong University Students
Pages 345-358 
M. Rahman, O. Ahmed
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