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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 6, Number 1, 2012
Pages 1-4 
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The Ranking of the Instituions of Higher Education in Bulgaria: Status, Problems and Prospects [In Bulgarian]
Pages 5-88 
P. Boyadjieva
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The Role of Computer Modeling in Enhancing Students' Conceptual Understanding in Physics
Pages 89-116 
F. Ornek
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Urban Households' Assessment of Environmental Safety: A Case Study of Ibadan, Nigeria
Pages 117-129 
A.S. Oyekale, R.F. Ige
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Development of Slovenian Education Policy in the European Context and Beyond
Pages 130-154 
U. Stremfel, D. Lajh
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Study Habits and Academic Achievement in Core Subjects among Junior Secondary School Students in Ondo State, Nigeria
Pages 155-169 
J.T.B. Oluwatimilehin, J.W. Owoyele
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Rerflections on the Growth and Development of University Education in Nigeria
Pages 170-193 
J.O. Oni
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Basic Feachers of Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis with Its Place and Importance in Educational Research Methodology
Pages 194-212 
E. Karadag
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DIMEL - A New Interactive System for Distant E-Learning Management
Pages 213-227 
C. Katansky
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Adult Education Teachers: Characteristics and Training
Pages 228-238 
P.A. Reddy, D.U. Devi
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editorial rules
BJSEP: Editorial Rules
Pages 239-240 
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