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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 9, Number 2, 2015
Pages 165-168 
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What Is Higher Education For: A Review with Recommendations [In Bulgarian]
Pages 169-229 
B.V. Toshev
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Community Participation in Improving Enrollment, Retention and Quality of Elementary Education: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh
Pages 230-253 
P.A. Reddy, D. Una Devi
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Students' Satisfaction with Life and Its Relation to School Burnout
Pages 254-265 
V. Mehdinezhad
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Impact of Subject Specialists on Teaching: Application to Physiology
Pages 266-278 
B.V. Owoyele, A.O. Adejumo, T.M. Salman
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The Prevalence of Physical Activity Levels in Albanian Children and Adolescents in the Physical Education Class and Their Leisure Time
Pages 279-295 
M. Shehu, B. Mema
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Ingratitude in Science: An Essay [In Bulgarian]
Pages 296-301 
D. Klissurski
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Does Internship Experience Beget Academic Relevance and Employment Prospects: An Assessment of Graduate Interns from a Nigerian University
Pages 302-316 
A.B. Adebakin
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editorial rules
Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP): Editorial Rules
Pages 317-319 
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