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Vol 16 2022
Vol 15 2021
Vol 14 2020
Vol 13 2019
Vol 12 2018
Vol 11 2017
Vol 10 2016
Vol 9 2015
Vol 8 2014
Vol 7 2013
Vol 6 2012
Vol 5 2011
Vol 4 2010
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Vol 2 2008
Vol 1 2007
School Milieu and Education Revenue: The Educational Environment and Student Achievement
Pages 358-374 
F. Yazdanfar
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Construction and Validation of Polytomously-Scored Multiple-Choice Items in Mathematics
Pages 359-379 
R.O. Iwintolu, E.R.I. Afolabi
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editorial rules
Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP): Editorial Rules
Pages 363-364 
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Environmental Practices Among the USA and Russian Students: Cross Cultural Analysis
Pages 364-384 
P. Ermolaeva
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Attitudes of Parents Toward Child-Rearing: A Case Study
Pages 370-385 
I. Celik, M. Halmatov, H. Saricam
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Social Networks and Studentsí Orthography
Pages 370-383 
E. Azizovic, M. Kacka, M. Saracevic, A, Bihorac
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The Considerations of Designing an Inquiry-Based Online Course
Pages 371-381 
J. E. Hollenbeck (USA)
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Modeling Graduate Emigration in Nigeria Using Log-linear Approach
Pages 375-391 
O.S. Balogun, A.A. Akinrefon, S.S. Abdulkadir, A.M. Yami, D.F. Bright
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Adaptation Study of the Statistical Anxiety Scale on a Bangladesh Sample
Pages 380-401 
L. Paul, T. Parveen, O. Ahmed, R. Aktar
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Availability of Resources, Mathematics Teachersí Knowledge, and Attitude Towards Mathematics Visualization as Predictors of the Development of Studentsí Visualization in Mathematics
Pages 382-416 
M. Atnafu, D. Zergaw (Ethiopia)
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Attitudes Towards Mathematics as Predictors of Preservice Teachersí Achievement in Senior Secondary School Chemistry
Pages 384-416 
A.O.A. Awofala
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The University Idea and Possibilities for Its Realization [In Bulgarian]
Pages 385-415 
B.V. Toshev
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Gender Issues in Entrepreneurial Development in Benue State (Nigeria) and Counceling Iplications
Pages 386-397 
E.G. Egbe-Okpenge, M.M. Orhungur
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Civic Education in Lebanon
Pages 392-407 
K.K. Jabbour
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A Case Study: Key Competencies Integrating in Compulsory Elective Subject "Nature as Inspiration" [In Bulgarian]
Pages 398-417 
N. Tsanova, N. Raycheva, S. Tomova
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Test as Tool for Effective Research in the Humanities
Pages 402-417 
S.B. Olajide
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Bulgaria (1924)
Pages 408-433 
C. Stephanove
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Availability and Quantity of Human and Material Resources of Nigerian Universitiesí HIV Youth Friendly Centres: Implication for Policy Implementation
Pages 417-432 
A.G. Akintomide, O.O. Ojo
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Projecting the Number of Pupils and Classrooms in Public Primary Schools in South-western Nigeria (2020-2024)
Pages 417-436 
O. O. Gambo, A. S. Adelokun (Nigeria)
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Analysis of Ethical Principles and Rules of Public Employees
Pages 418-430 
R.B. Khodaparasti
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