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Vol 11 2017
Vol 10 2016
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Improving Secondary School Geography Students' Positive Attitude Towards Map Reading Through Computer Simulation Instructional Package in Bida, Niger State, Nigeria
Pages 142-155 
O.C. Falode, H. Usman, S.C. Ilobeneke, H.A. Mohammed, A.J. Godwin, M.A. Jimoh
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History and Pre-History of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Pages 146-164 
D. Platikanov
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Today's Crisis in Education and New Roads (1910)
Pages 148-161 
P. Tsonev
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Extent of Utilization of Social Networking Sites for Enhancing Academic Learning of Undergraduate Students in the South - South Nigerian Federal Universities
Pages 148-171 
Johnbosco O.C. Okekeokosisi, Mary Noeleen Obi
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Eurobachelor in Chemistry - Bulgaria's Odds? [In Bulgarian]
Pages 149-159 
B.V. Toshev
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A System Approach to Environmental Education
Pages 149-171 
Z. Kostova
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 3, Number 2, 2009
Pages 149-152 
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Influence of Social Self-Concept on Academic Achievement of Secondary SchoolStudents in Imo State, Nigeria
Pages 151-164 
Deborah Chidubem Adamu (Nigeria)
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Elementary Pre-Service Teachers' Opinions on Teaching Science
Pages 153-172 
N. Remziye Ergul
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Promoting Effective Teaching and Learning in Online Environment: A Blend of Pedagogical and Andragogical Models
Pages 153-172 
T.A. Adebisi, O. Oyeleke
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Work-Family Balance and Creative Involvement as Predictors of Life Satisfaction Among Academy Staff in Public Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria
Pages 153-165 
Adewale O. Ositoye, 'Yomi Akindele-Oscar, Jimoh W. Owoyele (Nigeria)
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Study Habits and Academic Achievement in Core Subjects among Junior Secondary School Students in Ondo State, Nigeria
Pages 155-169 
J.T.B. Oluwatimilehin, J.W. Owoyele
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Games, Game Flow, and Gender as They Affect Mathematics Achievement of Pupils in Nigeria
Pages 156-173 
A. Aremu, A. Adebagbo
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On Legitimation of the Scientific Jury [In Bulgarian]
Pages 160-170 
T. Peev
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The Binomial - Medicine/Art [In Bulgarian]
Pages 161-170 
E. Pavlov
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editorial rules
Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP): Editorial Rules
Pages 162-164 
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Undesirable Behaviors Elementary School Classroom Teachers Encounter in the Classroom and Their Reasons
Pages 163-177 
S. Gulec, E.G. Balcik
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP) Volume 4, Number 2, 2010
Pages 165-168 
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My Contribution to BulgarianScienceProblems in 2013 [In Bulgarian]
Pages 165-191 
B.V. Toshev
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Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), Volume 9, Number 2, 2015
Pages 165-168 
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