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Vol 11 2017
Vol 10 2016
Vol 9 2015
Vol 8 2014
Vol 7 2013
Vol 6 2012
Vol 5 2011
Vol 4 2010
Vol 3 2009
Vol 2 2008
Vol 1 2007
Effect of Computer-Based Blended Learning Strategy on Secondary School Chemistry Students Retention in Individualised and Collaborative Learning Settings in Minna, Nigeria
Pages 267-278 
M.S. Suleiman, B.M. Salaudeen, O.C. Falode
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A Comparative Study of Israeli and United States of America Teacher Trainers on Sockett's Four Models of Teacher Education
Pages 272-294 
J.E. Hollenbeck, H. Ezer, M. Mevorach
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A Study of Undergraduate Students' Performance in Nigeria
Pages 273-291 
A.A. Akinrefon, A.O. Adejumo
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Investigating the Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction of Junior Secondary School Students'Retention in Basic Technology in Nigeria
Pages 273-296 
V. N. Anunobi, A. I. Gambari, M. B. Abdullahi, T. O. Alabi
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Effects of Teaching Material Based 5E Model Removed Pre-service Teachers' Misconceptions about Acids - Bases
Pages 274-302 
M. Metin
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning with DSLM on Conceptual Understanding and Scientific Reasoning among Form Four Physics Students with Different Motivation Levels
Pages 275-310 
M.S. Hamzah, A.N. Md Zain
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The Prevalence of Physical Activity Levels in Albanian Children and Adolescents in the Physical Education Class and Their Leisure Time
Pages 279-295 
M. Shehu, B. Mema
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An Assessment of Teacher Retention on Job Security in Private Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria
Pages 279-293 
M.F. Faremi
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An Analysis of the Effect of Mobile Learning on Lebanese Higher Education
Pages 280-301 
K.K. Jabbour
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Stellungnahme ueber das Buch von Stefan Ihrig "Wer Sind die Moldawier?"
Pages 281-283 
M. Todorov
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Short Notices
D. Antoniou (2007)
Pages 285-285 
D. Michalopoulos
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A Complete List of Educational Journals Published by Taylor and Ftancis
Pages 286-398 
B.V. Toshev
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Using Interactive Case Studies to Support Students Understandings of Local Environmental Problems
Pages 292-320 
Z. Kostova, Z. Vakleva, E. Vladimirova, R. Kaleva
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An Appraisal of Financial Authority Transfers Prior-Knowledge in Adult Learning Assessment
Pages 294-319 
A. Ettien, A. NGuessan, B. NGuetta
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Transparency vs. Corruption: The Case of Republic of Macedonia
Pages 295-310 
S. Dzamtovska-Zdravkovska, J. Denkova, A. Majhosev
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Ingratitude in Science: An Essay [In Bulgarian]
Pages 296-301 
D. Klissurski
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The Role of Expert Assessment in Early Identification of Above Avarage Abilities of Gifted Students
Pages 297-313 
S. Milic, V. Simeinovic
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National Identity of Young Adolescents of Czech and Bulgarian Origin
Pages 302-321 
Z. Ganeva, M. Rasticova
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Does Internship Experience Beget Academic Relevance and Employment Prospects: An Assessment of Graduate Interns from a Nigerian University
Pages 302-316 
A.B. Adebakin
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Incorporating Indonesian Students' "Funds of Knowledge" into Teaching Science to Sustain Their Interest in Science
Pages 303-322 
R. Rohandi, A.N. Md Zain
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