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Vol 12 2018
Vol 11 2017
Vol 10 2016
Vol 9 2015
Vol 8 2014
Vol 7 2013
Vol 6 2012
Vol 5 2011
Vol 4 2010
Vol 3 2009
Vol 2 2008
Vol 1 2007
Doctors of the University of Sofia (1930-1943): Lessons from the History [In Bulgarian]
Pages 43-50 
B.V. Toshev
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Study of Ethnic Stereotype of Young Bulgarians
Pages 46-65 
Z. Ganeva
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Parental Socio-Economic Status, Family Structure and Living Environment as Predictors of Violence against Children in Lagos, Nigeria
Pages 47-61 
A.A. Oni, J.A. Adetoro
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History of Chemistry and Its Place in the School Chemistry [In Bulgarian]
Pages 48-61 
Z. Peteva, B.V. Toshev
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The Effects of Inquiry-Based Science Teaching on Elementary School Students' Science Process Skills and Science Attitudes
Pages 48-68 
R. Ergul, Y. Simsekli, S. Calis, Z. Ozdilek, S. Gocmencelebi, M. Sanli
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The Influence of Gender on Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
Pages 48-62 
E.O. Ogedengbe, T.O. Adelekun, T.T. Eyengho, S.M. Ogunleye, K.M. Bankole
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Comparative Assessment and Self-assessment of Students' Environmental Knowledge in Bulgaria and Turkey
Pages 49-67 
Z. Kostova, E. Atasoy
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Science - Society Relations Enhancement: Policy Implications and Some Scientometric Evidences
Pages 49-66 
L. Ivancheva
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Preparing Successful Science Teachers at Indiana University Southeast
Pages 51-57 
J.E. Hollenbeck
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The Early Science Teaching and Learning: Integral vs. Modul Approach [In Bulgarian]
Pages 51-56 
B.V. Toshev
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Gender and Community Influence as Determinants of Children Access to Basic Education in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Pages 51-66 
V.A. Oguntimehin, F.N. Audu
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Insurgency and Insecurity: Bane of Global Literacy Development
Pages 53-68 
T.A. Adebisi
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The Chemistry Component of Natural Science Education in Primary and Basic School: Some Major Issues
Pages 57-75 
V. Lamanauskas, M. Vikoniene, R. Vilkonis
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Graduating Reflective Science Teachers Through Problem Based Learning Instruction
Pages 59-71 
M. Karakas
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Motivating Students' Learning Using Word Association Test and Concept Maps
Pages 62-98 
Z. Kostova, B. Radoynovska
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The Influence of John Dewey's Educational Thought on Philippine Education
Pages 62-69 
E. Papong
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The Effective Implementation of the Policy of Automatic Class Promotion in Caneroon Public Primary Schools: The Case of North West and South West Regions
Pages 63-100 
M.C. Tani
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The Impact of Home Environment Factors on Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Garki Area District, Abuja - Nigeria
Pages 66-92 
L. T. Dzever
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An Assessment of Competencies of the Adult Education Facilitators Through Valid Pack: A Case Study of India
Pages 67-103 
P. Adinarayana Reddy, D. Uma Devi
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The School System and New Media – Reasons in Favour of Integration
Pages 67-82 
M. Marković, V. Spasenović, Z. Stanisavljević Petrović
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